ATI Instrument & Electrical, Inc., a Phoenix Engineering, Inc. company, is a merit shop instrumentation and electrical construction, and contract maintenance organization. We serve the chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, oil & gas, pulp and paper, forest products, industrial gases, power generation, minerals processing, and miscellaneous heavy manufacturing industries. ATI specializes in Control Systems Retrofits, DCS Upgrades, and most all other Standard I & E Installations. We direct hire all of our instrumentation and electrical supervision and field craft personnel. We have expertise and experience in 15 KV applications and below. We are capable of executing select projects throughout the United States.

ATI is able to provide a wide range of installation, and contract maintenance services to meet most of your control systems upgrades, instrumentation, and miscellaneous electrical needs. Our broad range of experience in many different types of industries and applications coupled with our veteran crew of experienced project managers and field superintendents makes ATI an excellent choice for your next project, be it large or small. Through early involvement we can help you to shorten project completion time, provide an integrated team approach for consistency throughout the project, and provide you with one accountable source for the success of your project.


ATI has built its reputation and long term success on the basis of on-going relationships with satisfied clients and, due to our size and the special nature of our service, our ability to work with our clients to design and implement delivery and execution systems that are tailored specifically for each client’s particular needs. ATI would prefer to work closely with our clients during the early stages of project development and budget preparation. The earlier we become involved in the process of project development the more we can be of assistance in terms of design, constructability, and maintainability issues. We view each and every project as an opportunity to build a relationship based on performance and trust, thereby leading to a long-term association that benefits both Owner and Contractor.


Client Name Work Location Project Description
Lakeshore Toltest, 4357 Corpus Christie, TX Electrical and Instrumentation for the Plains Tank Terminal Project
EMS, 4350 Three Rivers, TX Electrical and Instrumentation for the Eagle Ford Shale / Pioneer Pipeline
Troy Construction, 4355 Midland, TX Electrical and Instrumentation for the Mainline Valves Spread #1
Pump Co., 4356 Three Rivers, TX Electrical and Instrumentation for the Mainline Valves Spread #3
Air Liquide, 4342 Pasadena, TX Electrical and Instrumentation for the Switchgear Installation of the IWTC Plant
Air Liquide, 4267 Salt Lake City, UT Electrical and Instrumentation
Air Liquide, 4248 Freeport, TX Electrical and Instrumentation
Encon, LLC, 4257 Various States Electrical and Instrumentation
Amigo Corp, 4213 Winnie, TX Electrical and Instrumentation
Air Liquide, 4200 Bayport, TX Pre Shut Down
Air Liquide, 4201 Lehi, Utah Electrical and Instrumentation
Air Liquide, 4120 Merrit Island, Florida Instrumentation & Electrical Installation of new Liquid Oxygen Plant &
Revamp of existing Nitrogen Plant
Air Liquide 4157 Ghent, Kentucky Electrical and Instrumentation
Air Liquide, 4164 Manassas, Virginia Electrical and Instrumentation
EnCon, 4145 Galveston County, TX Instrumentation and Electrical – Galveston County Water Control
& Imp., District 1